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For some reason I find fantasy books much more believable than mainstream fiction. I mostly read fantasy and all sub-genres but if overwhelmed with curiosity I'll occasionally read a 'norm' book.


I am an author also but I am mostly on this site to connect as a reader.

Touch of the Demon

Touch of the Demon - Diana Rowland Hmmm.... I had a very mixed time with this book. I neither read the blurb or reviews therefore I was not forewarned that this book takes this series in an 100% different direction, different genre, pace, pattern, love interest, different almost everything besides the characters and magical system--which it added to dramatically. It took me a LONG time to get used to it and jump on board, but when I did I loved it. If I had read this book separately or first it would probably be one of my favorite books but I was just so pissed for the first 30% I almost put it down. Prepare to get mind efed.