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For some reason I find fantasy books much more believable than mainstream fiction. I mostly read fantasy and all sub-genres but if overwhelmed with curiosity I'll occasionally read a 'norm' book.


I am an author also but I am mostly on this site to connect as a reader.

Daughter of the Forest

Daughter of the Forest - Juliet Marillier I never ever ever wanted it to end. The word epic is thrown around a lot, "that shirt is epic," um, no, no it isn't. Epic is so overused and misused its meaning has separated from the word, which unfortunately tends to happen with the best descriptors in our language (i.e. awesome) Sorry, rant over. My point: this book was epic. A long trying tale of a very human and lovable heroine, who travels a long journey, within and without and undergoes horrific trials to save those she loves. The characters and romance and situations feel so real, it is a book to cherish. It was on a level with The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale or The Demon King (series) by Cinda Williams Chima.