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For some reason I find fantasy books much more believable than mainstream fiction. I mostly read fantasy and all sub-genres but if overwhelmed with curiosity I'll occasionally read a 'norm' book.


I am an author also but I am mostly on this site to connect as a reader.

The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski So... I bought this book because the reviews were like ... Woah...? And, it started okay, some typos, some silly dialogue but yet, I couldn't put it down. Then the book picked up pace and though the typos and poor formatting worsened, I really couldn't put it down. And though the author committed just about every narrative pet peeve I have, for instance, insisting on giving the day's inane details (I shampooed my hair, shaved my legs blah-bibidy-blah), I snuck off on Christmas to read. So yeah, it's worth buying, and reading falling in love with.