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For some reason I find fantasy books much more believable than mainstream fiction. I mostly read fantasy and all sub-genres but if overwhelmed with curiosity I'll occasionally read a 'norm' book.


I am an author also but I am mostly on this site to connect as a reader.

The Keepers (The Alchemy Series)

The Keepers (The Alchemy Series) - Donna Augustine 2.5 stars

This book had all the elements I enjoy in a good UF series... A sexy alpha-man love interest, a sassy main character with a complicated past, an original fantasy concept... It just didn't really work :(

The world-building had potential but never fully formed. The main character was petulant and childish whenever she was with her hot alpha---and Cormac was just too much of a jerk for me. I The mc had no meaningful or even developed relationships. I didn't really like or care about any of the characters. Too bad.